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How healthy is your work-life balance?

Posted-on October 2019 By Emma Gordon

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​Work-life balance is an equilibrium between work, family and personal commitments, and it is unique to all of us. It is the division of time and energy between the important aspects of our life that allows us to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Creating a balance between work and life sounds simple in practise, however, it can be very difficult to achieve. In today's technological world, it can be challenging to set boundaries between home and work and to protect precious downtime.

The consequences of work-life imbalance can be severe. This is especially true for healthcare professionals with rates of burnout, stress, anxiety and suicide on the rise.

So what can we do to improve the work-life balance and ultimately the health and wellbeing of our healthcare professionals? Can we make simple changes to allow us to create a healthier balance and division between professional and personal life?

At Elective Recruitment we care about your wellbeing and we want to help you create your own unique balance. We want to understand the drivers to achieving a life you love to live, so that we can help you design it.

To assist the Elective community in understanding the critical issues that create imbalance, we invite you to participate in our work-life survey. 3 minutes is all you need spare to complete the survey.

We will publish the results anonymously and share insights and suggestions from your peers that have helped them realise balance in their life.

Click here to take part in the anonymous survey.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. We look forward to sharing your feedback.

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